Human Resources Policy

        The employees of MOTRINDE, S.A. are the key to the success of the organization. In this sense, the company’s HR policy advocates a relationship of trust and seriousness with all employees and the rewarding of their efforts. This reciprocity is achieved through the valuation of each employee and their consequent motivation. Only motivated people can engage in common goals and values, aiming towards continual growth and improvement. In addition to the values we consider fundamental, we cannot forget the legal values in force (Labour Code and Collective Labour Agreement). As such, we repudiate any sort of slave and/or child labour.
        In order to achieve all the outlined goals, Motrinde provides all necessary means to carry out the projects, in addition to fostering the employees’ individual growth, providing them with professional training adequate to their profile and the pressing needs of the company. With trained professionals that are aware of their importance, we promote teamwork as something vital to the company’s development.
    Motrinde provides its employees with all the necessary means to enable an effective communication, capable of fostering trust and commitment throughout the whole hierarchical organization.

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