Motrinde, S.A. has vast knowledge in different areas, with tailor-made solutions for each project and for each type of industry.

We work in different industrial sectors

Cellulose Industry (Pulp and Paper)

We have teams which are continuously assigned to several companies renowned in this sector.

Glass Industry

An industry with a high level of wear and tear, where we install new equipment and repair the existing equipment.

Automotive Industry / Aeronautical Industry

A field with high quality and technical demands, where we work on a daily basis.

Mining Industry

Motrinde is a renowned company in this sector, present in several mining facilities.

Cement Industry

The increase of investment in this field led to an increase in the projects assigned to us.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

An industry with several specificities, demanding flexibility in terms of response.

Energy Industry

An industry that encompasses several fields and different types.

Steel | Foundry Industry

We work with the best companies in the field.

Environmental Area

The environment is the future, and we want to be a part of it.

Our Services

We offer the best solutions to our clients.

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